When you are ready to Sell Bonds, you have two options. You can sell your bond before it matures or before the maturity date, which is the most common. The first option will involve paying a commission or markdown. A markdown is an amount you pay for a bond to cover the costs of the transaction and profit from the sale. The second option is the most common and involves selling your bond before it matures. The price difference between these two options is usually quite substantial, so you should be aware of this when making the decision.

Another option is to sell your bond directly to a broker. When you sell a bond to a broker, you should ask the markdown that the brokerage firm will charge. Make sure that you shop around to get the best price possible. You can also check interest rates on the Investor Bulletin, which will give you more details about interest rates and the market for bonds. You can also sell your bond on the OTC market, which will cost you a much lower markdown than a bond that is not traded on the market.

When you sell your bond to a broker, you should know how much it will cost you. It is best to shop around to find the lowest price possible. Many brokers don’t publish markdowns separately, so you’ll have to rely on other sources to learn more about interest rates. Once you have a firm, you can sell your bonds. However, it is important to note that the markdowns are not listed separately. Often, they are listed in the Investor Bulletin.